Saturday, January 22, 2011

The language of science blogs

Part of my dissertation is research of science blogs, and I finally have some results. I started with the relatively easy part of determining the language of science blogs and going to work my way to authors, journals, etc.

All the blogs in that have 20 posts and above listed in the site and the last time they posted there was in 2010-2011. That was in order to make sure the sample is of established science blogs and relatively current.


Overall number of blogs: 189

English: 162 blogs (85.714%)
Spanish: 8 blogs (4.233%)
Portuguese: 8 blogs (4.233%)
German: 6 blogs (3.174%)
Polish: 3 blogs (1.587%)
Mixed (German and English): 1 blog (0.529%)
Chinese: 1 blog (0.529%)

No surprises here, English is definitely the language of science blogs (said the Israeli PhD student...).



  1. Will you also do some sort of assessment of the language level at which these blogs are written? That's the crucial part of the research that needs to be done re science blogs - especially for those who think they're writing for the general public - and in fact are writing at the PhD post-graduate level.

  2. Hi Ruth,
    I'm sorry, but I collected the language data as part of a general research about the characteristics of science blogs, so the answer is no.

    Thank you for commenting!

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